Strength of IECDInstitute for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (IECD)

The Institution is able to function systematically and effectively without any permanent staff for the past eleven years.

Functioning as a self-supportive institution and being a source of resource generation institute (in some extent) for the Bharathidasan University through offering of Skill Development Programmes.

The institute has extended its operation in entire Tamil Nadu State

Functioning as a self-supportive institution in the university system. Functions from 9.00 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. in all weekdays, all the Staff of IECD are on contract basis

IECD has generated Rs.14,77,16,801.20/- (upto 31 st August 2015) and were utilized for running its programmes and activities, besides created movable and immovable assets for the worth of Rs. 2,79,69,935.92/-. The surplus amount of were paid to University Account

IECD has its own 3 stored independent building with excellent infrastructure facilities like 33,000 sqft. space for 8 Class Rooms, 8 Labs, 2 Multipurpose Halls, 4 Seminar Conference Halls, 7 Rooms for Staff, One Library Hall