Funds and Accounts of the IECD Institute for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (IECD)

  • Grants made by or through the university.
  • Funds generated by IECD through its Programmes/ Activities.
  • The bankers of the IECD shall be the State Bank of India. All funds of the IECD shall be paid into the IECD's account and shall not be withdrawn except through cheque signed by the Director and or an officer authorizes by the Chairman in his behalf.
  • The accounts of the IECD shall be audited annually in such manner as may be prescribed by the Executive Committee by a qualified auditors appointed for the purpose by the Executive Committee and in regard to any expenditure incurred in connection with the IECD, the auditors shall have the right to demand production of books, accounts, concerned vouchers and other documents and papers and to inspect offices of the IECD.”