Our Goal Institute for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (IECD)

Our goal in the IECD is to make it a vibrant nursery-bed for shaping and nurturing successful entrepreneurs both in form and content. Entrepreneurs turned out of IECD would go with appropriate entrepreneurial attitudes and values (achievement motivation), besides the skills, attitudes and expertise in their hands.

There will also be facilities for them to revisit, retrain and get refreshed, as and when the emerging changes warrant. The linkages between the Institute and the new enterprises set-up by our alumni would be reinforcing the benefits for each other. The IECD would, in other words, be an improvised "Community College" or "Community Polytechnic" suiting to the ethos of the Indian scenario.

Another major innovation of the programme structure of the IECD in Bharathidasan University is that the University undertakes to facilitate the vertical mobility of the IECD trainees to catch up with the formal higher education, by providing for appropriate lateral entry provisions. Similarly the regular graduates and post-graduates in the University and its affiliated colleges would be facilitated to undergo any of these certificate/diploma programmes of IECD concurrently, along with their regular programmes of study.